About the games

If you are wondering what a room-escape game is, the answer comes as a game of imagination. Imagine that you are trapped in a dark room with some of your friends. You have 60 minutes to escape.

How do you escape from the dark room?
The secret consists in team-work. Together you will find hidden clues or objects that will help you escape. You will solve together puzzles and will try to open doors using hidden keys. The dark walls will whisper scary stories and will guide you through the exit or… will make your escape even harder.

When will the game end?
The game ends as soon as all the clues have been discovered and the exit way has been activated.

The room-escape games have managed to become more known in the entire world and today they represent a frequently visited place both for the people that are passionate about the intelligence games and puzzle-solving but also for the curious ones that want to test their intelligence in a creative and spontaneous medium. They offering every visitor an unique and original experience.

The Experiment

It’s the year 1940. The society is introduced to a non-conformist character, a noble man that also has a dark side. This is the story of the Mad Scientist. The action takes place in the Scientist’s lab where he usually makes experiments on his carefully chosen prisoners that he tortures using creative and unseen methods. Some he lets out just to amuse himself, but first everyone has to pass over some obstacles that test their analysis capacity and their logical thinking.

Address: 13 Petru Maior street
Difficulty level: Medium
Recommendations: It is destined to large groups, of 4+ people. The scenario and atmosphere are a bit creepy, not recommended to children.

Crime Scene

When a detective revisits a crime scene to find out what really happened, he finds more than he expected. The detective calls you, his voice sounds panicked. Before you can say anything, the call is disconnected. Now it’s up to you and your group to find the detective and discover the truth behind the crime scene to get out of the room.

Address: str. Observatorului, nr. 90 (underground)
Difficulty level: Medium
Recommendations: Suitable for small groups but also for large groups. The game is also intended for children over the age of 12 or for families.

Candy Shop

Your grandmother has left you the most famous Candy Shop in town. Here you can find candies, lollipops, cakes and sweets of all sorts.

All the sweets look great and have a delicious taste, but the grandmother’s store is recognized throughout the city for the best chocolate recipe.

The bad news is that the recipe is lost somewhere in the store. Some say that the owners of the other stores in the city want to steal it to enjoy the fame (and customers) of your grandmother.

Do you think you can find the recipe in time before it gets into the hands of the competition?

Address: 13 Petru Maior street
Recommandations: The game is designed only for kids of 10+ year olds and to families.

The Bunker

You and your friends activated in the last NATO base, left in the way of the enemies. They get closer and your troops and resources are insufficient to deal with them. Your commander ordered the withdrawal of the troops and the self-destruction of the base. You and your friends are the last army left here. Unfortunately, the bunker self-destruction procedure has already been activated, and you are stuck in. You only have an hour to find the button that cancels the explosion. You have to scrape through the bunker and put the clues up until it’s not too late …

Address: str. Observatorului, nr. 90 (underground)
Difficulty level: Hard
Recommendations: Recommended for large groups, 4+ persons, but can also be tried by small groups who want a challenge. Groups of children must be accompanied by adults.


The price for such an experience is calculated per group, which may be between 2 and 6 people, and is as follows:

120 lei – price for 2 people

165 lei – price for 3 people

180 lei – price for 4 people

200 lei – price for 5 people

240 lei – price for 6 people

We offer 5 lei discount per person for students. To receive this discount, you only need to provide one valid card confirming your status. When making the reservation, you must enter the total number of people attending the game and the number of pupils / students belonging to the group so that the total price to pay will be calculated taking into account the given discount.

If you represent a student organization, an NGO or a company and you want to make reservations for several groups, please contact us to receive a customized offer.

Access to the game is by reservation only. Please make your reservation at least two hours before the game begins. The payment can be made only in cash. Thank you for your understanding!

Before making a reservation, please read the Terms and Conditions.


Select the game location from the list below:

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  • Crime Scene

    Observatorului 90

  • The Bunker

    Observatorului 90

  • The Experiment

    Petru Maior 13

  • Candy Shop

    Petru Maior 13


The Experiment & Candy Shop

13 Petru Maior street (under Q-Caffe)

Crime Scene & The Bunker

90 Observatorului street

The Dungeon

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

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