About Us

Our history started in Cluj-Napoca in 2013 and has developed as an original brand created in the mystical Transylvanian sight, from a simple idea to the actual project.

The initiative came from our wish to offer to the public from Cluj-Napoca, and not only, another type of experience, something that they have never tried before. We’ve encountered in the beginning many difficulties – from finding the perfect location to making the actual concept. But, because of the fact that we brought in Cluj-Napoca the first real game of room-escape, we consider that we brought another kind of value to the city, offering an interesting way of spending your free time.
Vancea Ancuța – project coordinator The Dungeon

What does The Dungeon bring new?

  • It is the first real game of room escape in Cluj-Napoca
  • Originality, innovative ideas and a game that is focused on the attention for details
  • A team-building game that is meant to highlight the need of team-work
  • A complete experience that makes use of the participants’ intelligence and creativity
  • Stories that are shrouded in mystery and are completed by carefully chosen puzzles in order to make the story as a whole

Mission, values

Our mission is to create an intelligent relaxing space. We want to challenge people with our puzzles and to give them the chance to enjoy the idea of team-work. Starting from the idea that in order to win you need to collaborate and make use of everyone’s knowledge, we want to make the people happy while offering them a unique experience.

Values: integrity, fairness, attention to our clients’ needs. Also, we are very interested in the feedback that the people offer us, mostly from the ones that visit us, and we want to grow and develop our projects based on what everyone that steps inside The Dungeon tell us.

In the media and online

The Dungeon has enjoyed many times the media attention. Thanks to the increased public interest from Cluj regarding our experiments, we managed to make our stories known and to present people some amazing experiences that were often caught in the media articles. Thank you everyone for your support!

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